Thursday, 2 April 2015

One delicious breakfast: Chorizo and Avocado on Toast

Thank you world - the Easter bank holidays could not come a moment too soon. One thing which really is great about the back-to-back 4 days off is that there is time for a proper breakfasts. And a proper breakfast this is - salty spicy chorizo, satisfying avocado and chewy soughdough toast.

This will really set you up for the day, eat in the morning and you'll be so ready for that long refreshing walk you had planned to take (or watch re-runs of How I Met Your Mother on the sofa under a blanket - this is also a great hangover breakfast).

Here's what you do:

Thickly slice slithers of chorizo and fry them with a tiny of touch of olive oil so they go crisply.
Toast some soughdough bread, and yes, the quality of the bread is non-negotiable - you deserve it.
Drizzle the residual orange oil from the chorizo cooking pan over the toasted bread.
Pile the avocado and chorizo onto the bread. Add parsley and a squeeze of lemon (or lime). Eat whilst sitting next to a vase of fresh daffodils. Good morning.