Monday, 21 February 2011


February is nearly over, but there is still a sharp chill in the air.
So, for cold evenings towards the end of a long winter, this wonderfully warming and frugal pudding is just the ticket!

Bread and Butter Pudding:

Slices of buttered bread (any will do, even stale ones)
350 ml milk
50 ml cream
2 eggs
Some chocolate chips / Some dried fruit (if using fruit add about 25g sugar)

1.) Arrange the bread slices in a BUTTERED baking tin.
2) Warm the milk and cream over a stove until very hot, but not boiling!
3.) Whisk the eggs.
4.) Combine the whisked eggs and warmed milk/cream mixture.
5.) Pour it over the bread and leave it all to stand for about 30mins.
6.) Put it in a hot oven (180) for about 30mins until the custard has set and is golden.