Tuesday, 23 August 2011

For the Ultimate Munchies: Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwiches

I experienced one of those absolutely crushing hangovers this weekend: an almighty headache, accompanied by a nausea that I couldn't shake until about 3pm. It's funny how, in my experience, I go from barely being able to hold a cup of tea down to being ravenously hungry. But when you do get beyond the point of just wanting to curl up in a whimpering ball in bed - and you can actually look forward to the idea of food - then this tuna mayonnaise is just the thing.

I usually make a huge batch with the idea of having it as a sandwich filler for the next few days - but I usually end up gorging on it in front of the telly..


1 x tin tuna (in salt water, preferably)
1 x large tin of sweetcorn
about 5 decent sized tablespoons of yoghurt (or half a tub)
1 tablespoon of mayonnaise
Juice of 1 lemon, plus zest
1 x large bunch of parsley, chopped
2 spring onions, diced
generous handful of sea salt and pepper

I usually alternate ingredients - a handful of chopped capers goes wonderfully, and likewise using different herbs like mint makes it really tasty. Celery is also a delicious stand-in if you don't have sweetcorn!

Simply combine the ingredients and pile generously onto a good, thick bit of bread - and enjoy with a cup of tea to relieve yourself of hangover hell!

P.S for said hangover hell, I strongly recommend ibuprofen instead of paracetamol - and once you feel like you won't be sick (again) a glass of coke helps. Something about the fizziness and the sugar I think..


  1. one of my favourite fillings - can't go wrong! Love the way that by only using one slice of bread you can really pile it up...good work!

  2. All I could ever manage with a hangover was a ham sandwich and a can of 7up!!!!

    Fair play!
    (looks delicious)

  3. My FAVOURITE sarnies, I love lots of mayo too, naughty!!

  4. that looks so tasty! thanks for sharing!!

    allister bee blog

  5. Agree on the Coke thing, but even better are frozen coke slushy thingies. With an ibuprofen or 2.

  6. Sounds like what started out as a bad day ended up like a good one. What a classic.

  7. I've not had tuna, sweetcorn mayo filling in ages - one of my fav and this is making me feel hungry!

  8. This looks absolutely scrummy. The only way this could possibly be improved as a hangover cure is a layer of melty cheese on top. Tuna melts rule!


  9. Omg yum! I love tuna & sweetcorn. Ever since I moved back to Australia I can't find any good pre made ones like they have in the UK :'( So I'll definitely be bookmarking this and making it! :D


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