Monday, 17 May 2010

Fables from 6 Turner Road

So... this is our new blog. By 'our' I mean me (Grace) and Bethany. Having had a wealth of hangover experience on our hands we have had plenty of opportunities to cook accordingly. Our routine goes something like this: wake up (late), watch 'The City' for an hour or so, eventually get dressed and drag ourselves languidly to the Co Op, before throwing back a 'Whole earth' apple and rasberry drink at a local cafe. Then the fun really starts: we plan and cook our evening meal, a ritual that is treasured. It makes the dirty hangover completely worth it.

By the way, we are not a pair of complete ponces. These hungover days follow debauched nights with attractive men in seedy nightspots, 6am bedtimes are a regular occurrence - and we need these nights of merriment after respective part-time jobs and university: we live by the strict mantra of 'work hard and play hard.' Our hangovers are not for children. We often feel terrible for hours on end, but over the past year, these days have become the most enjoyable ones. Afternoons of wandering around Sainsbury's whilst incoherently mumbling and absent mindedly picking up tuna steaks are cherished; piecing together the night before whilst cooking our evening meals and settling down is the greatest of comforts. This blog is dedicated to all of those nights: good and bad, and the universal solace of a home-cooked meal with the best of friends.

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