Monday, 31 May 2010

The Original Hangover Dish

This recipe is one which we have come to love and perfect over weeks of nights out. A firm favourite and a hangover staple, this pasta dish will leave you with a clearer head and content stomach.

G was the first to read about this comforting meal on a blog. It was a firm favourite when she cooked a big batch of it to feed hungry housemates one windy night in November. But it was on a Sunday after a heavy night that we realised just how special this dish was. Upon being separated in the supermarket I came across G, in a hunched stance staring blankly at the pasta. Calling her name, she stood to attention with urgency and a snore-like sound; she was dangerously close to falling asleep in the pasta aisle. To make matters worse, there was also a jilted love interest of G's hot on our heals and a dissertation advisor circling the shop. We were keen to get out of there and back to the stove.

I'm fairly certain that the meal was followed by cups of 'Roobios tea' and three hours of 'Dr Zhivago.' We may have also gobbled down a couple of slices of chocolate cake, the recipe for which we shall include later..

Tomato and Cream Pasta -

Fresh tomatoes (ideally cherry)
Cream, (double or single, it doesn't matter)
Onion, (shallots are preferable)
Fresh Basil to garnish
Dried chilli
Salt & pepper
Splash of Red wine vinegar
Pasta (fusilli is recommended)

Enjoy. For original recipe see onceuponacakestand

For a more simple (and cheaper) version, the tomatoes, cream and pasta will suffice.

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