Monday, 13 June 2011

Cheater's Fish Pie

I feel a little ashamed for even putting this recipe up here - it requires so little cooking/preparation/general culinary skill. But it is delicious and it IS comforting.. so here it is:

Ingredients (Served three but very flexible recipe)

1x packet of ready-made fish pie sauce. Make sure it has good/normal ingredients. The one that I used was from Marks and Spencer and was basically the same as if I made it myself - ie a basic white sauce, made from butter, flour, milk and seasoning.
1x bag of fish fillets. I used a couple of smoked haddock fillets and a couple of non-smoked haddock fillets. Alternatively you could use cod... I would say two small fillets per person is enough.
4x LARGE potatoes for mashing
A couple of tablespoons of clotted or double cream to stir
A dash of dijon mustard
Salt and Pepper
A generous grating of cheese to top

Very simple to prepare - I didn't even have to cook the fish, just broke it up a bit and placed it in the bottom of a dish, before covering with the ready-made sauce, stirring in the cream, mustard and salt and pepper, and finally topping with the mashed potato (made with butter, milk and more salt and pepper) and then a thick layer of cheese. Put it in the over for about 30-40 minutes at 190c and serve when the cheese is brown and bubbling. I had mine with peas but it would be delicious with spinach or tenderstem broccoli; finally sit down, relax and enjoy.


  1. Cheats fish pie sounds perfect to me! Great for a too-tired-to-stand-in-the-kitchin-for-hours day... this would be a great pick me up.. love the extra cream too, ha! xxx

  2. (I need to invest in a thesaurus' everything is so 'great!'x

  3. This looks soooooooo yummy x

  4. what are u talking about, it looks like a great dish which DOES require some cooking and culinary skills!! haha. i wish i could have that for dinner tonight looks delish!


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