Sunday, 6 March 2011

Plum Crumble

Yet another comforting /frugal/British dish.

Sunday evenings seem to beg for some kind of pudding which could well have have been made in a war-time kitchen. Tonight is no exception; this dish is oh so comforting and homely. Plus, of course, exceedingly easy, the measurements are guidelines, there are no rules and regulations with dishes such as this!

A punnet of plums
Spoon (or 2) of sugar
125g plain flour
100g butter (room temp)
50g rolled oats (optional)
50g sugar (any kind.)

To Cook:
1. Cut the plums and remove their stones.
2. Place them in a saucepan with a splash of water and the spoon(s) of sugar- sweeten to taste. Heat over a medium flame, stirring occasionally until soft and approaching a jam-like state.
3. In the mean time, make the topping by rubbing the butter into the dry ingredients until it forms a bread-crumb like consistency.
4. Put the plum mixture on the bottom of a deep, oven proof, dish. Cover with the crumble top and sprinkle a spoon of sugar over it.
5. Place in a moderate oven (170/180) for about 30mins until the topping starts to brown.
6. Serve with cream or custard and alleviate your woes.

1 comment:

  1. such a british classic, LOVE it.
    you should try either a apple or banana with caramel crumble with a crewy oaty it, you'll get some lovely recipes :) DELICIOUS.


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